Friday, 10 January 2020


In the Summer Learning Journey I missed a activity and so I have done I now.  I was where we could pick a sports person and then we have to answer these three questions. The name of the person, a sentence about the work they do/have done and a sentence about how they/their work has had an impact on the lives of others. Here is my person. 


Summer Learning Journey

For the final activity I had to write which activity I enjoyed the most, which activity I enjoyed the least, three things that I learned while completing the programme and what changes/improvements I would make to the programme for next year. Here are the answers. 


Inspirational Quote

For the second to last activity on the Summer Learning Journey we had to write our inspirational quote and then say what I means to us. What the quote means to me is that is you have good thoughts they will turn into a smile and you will have a good day. Here is my quote.



For the first activity today I had to wacth a video of the Royal family but it was blocked so I couldn't complete the activity. 

Thursday, 9 January 2020


For the very last activity for today we had to choose to 2 picture and then find the similarities and differences. Here are my pictures.  



For the second activity we had to draw or design our own tapa and here is mine. 



For the first activity we have to decide if we think that Twenty-Seven Names is a good brand name. I think that Twenty-Seven Names is not a good brand name because I don't see a meaning behind it if there is one and it doesn't sound right.